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How to maintain KYD electric diaphragm pump?

Source:Shanghai Shuyang Pump Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.     Time:2019-08-19 Number of clicks:

  Before servicing KYD electric diaphragm pumps and accessories and piping, the power should be turned off and necessary measures taken to prevent hazardous materials from coming into contact with the operator. Please provide suitable protective equipment to ensure that there is no pressure in the pump and the entire system. Please keep your pump and pipe bolts tight every week.

  Cleaning check valves, pulsation dampers, back pressure valves, safety valves and other accessories, it is generally recommended to use a neutral detergent and warm water (compatible with the transport material) pump for about 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

  The oil should be refueled in the intermediate (No. 4/5/6/7 in the figure) to keep the lubrication system normal; the pump should be operated for the first time after the pump is refueled for 200 hours. The oil should be changed for the first time; Need to change oil.

  If the pump model is KYD-W******, please check the oil mirror below the stepless governor (No. 3 in the figure) after one year of use. The oil in the reducer should be greater than or equal to half the position of the oil mirror. If it is smaller than the center line, please refuel immediately; please add the special oil for the continuously variable transmission, ie traction oil (UB-1/UB-2).

  The ambient temperature of the pump should be less than 40 °C, the motor temperature should not exceed 75 °C, and the medium to be transported and its temperature should be within the allowable range of the pump;

  If the transport liquid is a medium that is easy to precipitate and crystallize, the accumulated product in the pump should be cleaned in time to avoid damage when it is opened again.

  According to the material of the original wearable parts of the diaphragm pump, it is recommended to import the Teflon diaphragm and check the sealing ball, sealing seat and diaphragm every six months. The diaphragm of other materials should be corroded according to the actual corrosiveness and temperature of the liquid. The parameter check of hard particles and other parameters depends on whether it is replaced.

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