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KYD electric diaphragm volumetric pump maintenance steps

Source:Shanghai Shuyang Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.     Time:2019-08-19 Number of clicks:


  1. Remove the bolts at the 10 inlet and 11 outlet tubes and remove the 10 and 11 to see the sealing ball and seal seat.

  2. After removing the sealing ball and the sealing seat, continue to remove the bolt at the 9 fluid column to see the diaphragm.

  3. Unscrew the 16 platen bolts and remove the 15 outer pressure plates and the 13 and 14 main and auxiliary diaphragms.

  4, the whole machine is placed upright, the motor is under, the intermediate is on; remove the serial number 8 intermediate and 12 base bolts, remove the 8 intermediate and 3 reducer bolts; use the lifting equipment to lift the 8 intermediates The ground is 50mm high. Under normal circumstances, the intermediate and deceleration opportunities will be automatically disengaged. If not, please tap the reducer.

  5. When the 8 intermediates are disassembled, you can easily take down 5 large bearings and 4 eccentric wheels. The 7-frame connecting rod shaft can also be taken out from the intermediate.


  1. First, whether the skeleton connecting rod shaft, large bearing and small bearing are lack of oil or whether the gear oil is clean and free of impurities; if you need to refuel, please use 3.2 in the third section of the Xiangyang KYD electric diaphragm pump.

  2. Check the main and secondary diaphragms and observe whether there are aging or scratches on both sides of the diaphragm. If it is recommended to replace the original diaphragm of Fuyang.

  3. Check the sealing ball and seal seat to see if the sealing ball and seal seat are damaged by chemical or physical damage. The sealing ball should be very round and free of pits and scratches; the sealing seat should maintain a clear beveled edge to allow the sealing ball to produce a good seal; if the sealing ball and the sealing seat are scratched, etc., please replace the original Factory accessories.

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