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Fuyang diaphragm volume pump warranty terms

Source:Shanghai Shuyang Pump Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.     Time:2019-08-19 Number of clicks:

  Shanghai Shuyang Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shuyang Pump Industry Co., Ltd.) provides a free warranty for defects caused by manufacturing processes or selected materials under normal conditions of use. The free warranty period is as follows:

Product Description

Series code

Warranty period

Pump body


Electric diaphragm pump

KYD type

Warranty 1 year


Diaphragm metering pump

KD, GM, GB, GX type

Warranty 1 year


Pneumatic diaphragm pump

KY261 seriesWarranty 2 yearWarranty for 3 months

  The accessories, options or supporting equipment (including the motor) provided with the pump and marked with other manufacturer's nameplate are provided by the manufacturer (Wuyang is responsible for coordination and communication); the nameplate of the Xiangyang Pump Industry is marked or the nameplate is not marked. Accessories, options or ancillary equipment (including motors) are guaranteed by the Puyang Pump Industry for one year.

  The warranty date begins on the date of shipment. Parts that are clearly defined as defective parts by the Xiangyang Pump Industry (such as diaphragms, sealing balls, seal seats, inlet and outlet valves, oil seals, O-rings, gaskets, pressure plates, etc.) are not covered by the warranty. The Puyang Pump Industry will provide a recommended replacement cycle for consumables based on the specific application process conditions.

  Based on the company's previous experience, the available professional information and the process information provided by the user, Xiangyang Pump Industry will recommend the material contact parts to the user, and the user decides the material selection. Puyang Pumps does not assume warranty for parts or products that are damaged by wear or corrosion.

  The scope of the product warranty of the Puyang Pump Industry does not include defects caused by misuse, abuse or improper use of the operating equipment as required by the operation manual, and does not include damage caused by unauthorized repair. In addition to the warranty of the product itself, Xiangyang Pump Industry shall not be liable for any direct or incidental loss or expense arising out of the operation of the equipment, the use of the connection and the suitability of the product.

  During the warranty period, Xiangyang Pump Industry will repair or replace the products or components that have been inspected and confirmed to be covered by the warranty. Repairs or replacements will be made in the form of on-site service or return to the facility, as the case may be.

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