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How to install and use the pneumatic diaphragm pump?

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  1, installation

  Pneumatic diaphragm pumps are installed in a variety of ways, mainly for safety and protection, and easy maintenance; however, air triples and soft joints are essential accessories for pneumatic diaphragm pumps. The function of the air triplet mainly filters the air source impurities to prevent impurities from entering the pump and damaging the pump body air motor; in addition, it can protect the pump from high pressure or unstable air pressure. The diaphragm pump has a large recoil force when working, and the pump body and the pipeline have a certain amount of jitter, so the addition of the shock absorbing soft joint can effectively reduce the recoil force, thereby prolonging the overall life of the diaphragm pump and the pipeline.

  2, start

  Note: Please check the random packing list before using the pneumatic diaphragm pump; tighten all the bolts of the pump body and tighten it every week.

  2.1 Guide the connecting device according to the installation method in the third paragraph (1) of this instruction, and lay the pump flat to the ground. Special reminder: non-metallic wire port connection type diaphragm pump such as plastic series, please do not force tighten when connecting the pipe, so as not to cause the pump plastic pipe to rupture. (It is recommended to add the hoop to the inlet and outlet of the pump before connecting the pipe)

  2.2 Open the inlet and outlet pipe valves and ensure that the inlet pipe is immersed in the medium.

  2.3 After setting the minimum air supply pressure of the air three-component pressure regulating switch, the oil mist cup and lubricating oil (the right side of the air triple piece is the oil mist cup) is connected to the air source.

  2.4 Slowly increase the pressure regulating switch until the pump reaches the actual required flow rate and lift, and lock the pressure regulating switch.

  2.5 Observe the pump for about 5 minutes. If there is no abnormality, continue to use.

  3, close

  3.1 Before stopping the pump, please rotate the pressure regulating valve at the triple piece to lower the air pressure.

  3.2 After the inlet pipe of the pump is removed from the medium, the pump is allowed to continue to work for 2-3 minutes to drain the liquid in the pump.

  3.3 Close the outlet valve to prevent backflow of the medium; and shut off the air supply.

  3.4 Immerse the water inlet pipe in clean water or washing liquid, switch the outlet tee, and open the gas source for low pressure operation for 3-5 minutes.

  3.5 Discharge the clean water in the pump and close the inlet and outlet valves and air supply switch.

  4, maintenance

  4.1 Please ensure that the air supply source is clean, otherwise it will cause damage to the motor end of the pneumatic diaphragm pump.

  4.2 Tightening the bolts every week.

  4.3 If the triple piece or oil mist is not installed, the pump body should be lubricated to the motor end every 250 hours of operation. (It is recommended to use white special 3# lubricant)

  4.4 Normal weak acid and weak base normal temperature medium, check the sealing ball, sealing seat and diaphragm piece every six months, depending on the actual situation, whether to replace it. Note: If the medium is strong acid and alkali or the temperature exceeds 80 degrees, the liquid contains sharp impurities, it is necessary to pre-check the diaphragm pump wearing parts weekly.

  4.5 On the premise of adding the filter device to the gas source, check the motor end for impurities every six months and clean it in time.


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