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G type single screw pump

G type single screw pump

G type bucket screw pump

G-type hopper screw pump is a new type of screw pump developed and produced by Shanghai Puyang for the convenience of users.

  G-type hopper screw pump is a new type of screw pump developed and produced by Shanghai Puyang for the convenience of users. The G-type hopper type screw pump adds a hopper to the inlet of the pump for special materials to keep the fluency of the pump feed, so as to achieve no pressure on the feeding and discharging. It is used to improve the working efficiency of the pump and solve the customer's problems.

  The feed port of the G-type hopper screw pump uses a special structure of the screw thruster to transport the viscous liquid, because the reason for choosing the hopper to use the single screw pump is generally because the pumped medium is relatively viscous. It is not enough to pump the viscous and non-flowing medium, close to the hopper and the auger. Because of the pumping of viscous liquids, it is also necessary to reduce the speed of the rotor, otherwise the stator will wear quickly. The screw pump deceleration must first add a gear reducer. If you need to adjust the outlet flow rate arbitrarily, you can add a stepless speed governor or an electromagnetic speed governor.

  Model meaning of G type single screw pump

  Example: FG60-1

  F indicates that the pump body and main internal parts are made of stainless steel.

  G stands for single screw pump

  60 represents the nominal diameter of the screw (mm)

  1 means primary pump

  The main uses of the G-type hopper screw pump are as follows:

  Environmental protection: industrial sewage, domestic sewage, sludge turbid water containing solid particles and short fibers, especially used in oil-water separators, plate and frame filter press equipment.

  Food industry: ketchup, mashed potatoes, peanut butter, yogurt, whipped cream, ice cream, cheese chunks, whey, beer, wort, yeast, fruit juice, vegetable paste, jam, jelly, etc.

  Pharmaceutical industry: various types of pill paste, extract, emulsifier, cough syrup, biological products, cod liver oil, royal jelly and so on.

  Daily chemical industry: shampoo, hand soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, soap, etc.

  Paper industry: glue, high viscosity ink, wallpaper PVC polymer paste and various concentrations of pulp, short fiber slurry

  Petroleum industry: transporting crude oil, a mixture of crude oil and water, a mixture of coal gas and water, and the like.

  Construction industry: spraying of cement mortar, lime slurry, paint and paste

  Mining industry: solid particles, groundwater, and slurry water in mines

  Chemical industry: various suspensions, greases, various colloidal pastes, various adhesives

  Shipbuilding industry: round bottom cleaning, oil water, oil residue, oil sewage and other ring transportation. Industrial boilers, power plants: coal water slurry transportation

  Technical parameters of G type series hopper type screw pump:

  Flow rate: 0-150 m3/h;

  Head: 0-240m;

  Power: 0.75-37kw;

  Speed: 150-960r/min;

  Caliber: 20-135MM;

  Use temperature: -15-200 °C.

  Selection of type G single screw pump

  Due to the wide range of use of screw pumps, it is very important to select screw pumps of different materials for different viscosity and different corrosive media. For the convenience of customers, Xiangyang G-type single-screw pump has developed and produced the following: cast steel single screw pump, stainless steel 201 single screw pump, stainless steel 304 single screw pump, stainless steel 316L single screw pump; rubber sleeve can be divided into ordinary rubber, Low toxicity rubber, non-toxic rubber, EPDM rubber, etc. The speed regulation mode can be divided into gear fixed speed, stepless speed regulation, electromagnetic speed regulation, etc., and the hopper can be added according to the customer's demand. According to the past experience of our factory and the customer's feedback, we can pay attention to the following points when selecting the G-type single-screw pump:

  1, pump body material and stator and rotor material selection

  1) Ordinary liquid (PH neutral, weak acid and alkali, such as ordinary sludge, ordinary sewage, building materials, etc.): Optional cast steel pump body + nitrile rubber stator + stainless steel 201 rotor.

  2) Hygienic liquids such as food and pharmaceutical raw materials: stainless steel 304 or 316L pump body + non-toxic rubber stator + stainless steel 304 rotor can be used.

  3) Viscous liquid or liquid that is not easy to flow: Select the material according to the specific liquid properties. More importantly, the inlet needs to add the hopper, and the motor needs to be geared to reduce the speed.

  2, motor selection and deceleration mode selection

  1) The liquid flow state of the liquid, and does not contain flammable and explosive medium, choose the ordinary three asynchronous motor.

  2) Liquid flow state, containing flammable and explosive medium, select explosion-proof motor.

  3) The liquid has a certain viscosity, but it can flow, and it needs to be equipped with a gear reducer; if different flow is required, an electromagnetic speed regulation or a stepless speed governor is added.

  4) The liquid is viscous and not easy to flow. It needs to be equipped with gear deceleration, and additional hopper and auger; if different flow is required, plus electromagnetic speed regulation or stepless speed governor.

  5) If different flow rates are required, on the basis of the inverter control cabinet, you can choose to add a variable frequency motor to adjust the flow.

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