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Diaphragm pump A diaphragm pump (English: a diaphragm pump) that uses an elastic film, a corrosion-resistant rubber or an elastic metal sheet to separate the pump into two parts that are not connected to each other. More >>
DY type single electric test pump

The DY type single-phase electric pressure test pump (hereinafter referred to as the test pressure pump) produced by Haiyangyang Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is driven by 220V single item electric power, and is designed with a portable handle and a plastic water tank. Also known as DSY portable electric test pump, portable electric test pump, suitable for water or hydraulic oil as medium, for various pressure vessels. Pipes, valves, etc. are pressure tested and used for hydraulic energy to provide the required pressure, suitable for chemical, construction, plumbing, petroleum, coal, smelting, shipbuilding and other industries.

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Electric diaphragm pump KYD electric diaphragm pump is the latest generation of electric diaphragm pump model developed by Shanghai Xiangyang electric diaphragm pump manufacturer. More >>
CQ series magnetic drive pump CQ series magnetic drive pump produces CQ stainless steel magnetic pump and CQF engineering plastic magnetic pump according to the material Shanghai Xiangyang, and CQB-F fluoroplastic alloy magnetic pump with strong corrosion resistance. More >>
G type bucket screw pump G-type hopper screw pump is a new type of screw pump developed and produced by Shanghai Puyang for the convenience of users. More >>